I am currently a fourth year student studying at Syracuse University under the 5-year B.Arch program. I may not have been doing architecture for very long, but I have very quickly fallen in love with it and am fully invested in making it my full-time career.

So far I’ve done a pre-college program at Pratt Institute of Technology during my Junior year of high school, and I have also taken architecture and art classes throughout my high-school career.

My first year of college was started by learning how to hand draw and hand make all of my projects. This was absolutely a valuable experience in that it taught me to draw architecturally, and really proved to me how important computers really are in modern architecture. The second half of my freshman year I began by learning how to use the computer for drafting plans, sections, and full scale 3D models.

Throughout all this time I’ve discovered that learning quickly is essential to architecture and it’s a skill that has far and beyond helped me succeed in my studies.

The summer before my sophomore year I began my first internship at an actual Architecture firm, Bavier Design in Rowayton, Connecticut. I learned immediately that all the skills I had gained at Syracuse Architecture meant that I could be an actual contributing member to their team. It was my first real look inside a practicing Architecture firm, and it absolutely solidified my desire to become an Architect.

My second year at Syracuse Architecture has been the most rewarding yet. I’ve studied under many amazing professors, currently under one who used to work at OMA in the Netherlands with Rem Koolhaas. I am being taught to broaden my scope as an architect and understand the built environment and humanity surrounding Architecture. Physical design is of course still incredibly important in my work, but other factors like future use, sustainability, and social/political repercussions all have now become huge influences as well.